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Celebrate a Life Campaign

Celebrate a Life campaign aims to raise enough money for groceries for a year

Dec 05, 2019

KAMLOOPS — The annual Celebrate A Life campaign is underway at the Northills Shopping Centre.

The craft sale and Memory Tree are part of a fundraiser for the Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Memorial Hospice Home.

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Celebrate a Life Campaign Raises Money for Hospice Equipment

Celebrate A Life campaign raises money for Hospice equipment

By Jill Sperling

December 2, 2016 – 5:05pm

KAMLOOPS — As people in Kamloops get into the holiday spirit shoppers are encouraged to “Celebrate A Life” on their way through Northills Mall.

The annual event raises money for the Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Hospice Home. People are encouraged to donate what they can, then honour loved ones they’ve lost by decorating a memory tree.


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RESULTS … Car Raffle and 50/50 Draw

Let’s get Electrified!

Sales just ended on our first ONLINE Car Raffle and 50/50 Draw!

Winners will be announced after the Draw

Total Ticket Sales:  $167,580

Total 50/50 Jackpot:  $69,850 (winner takes half!)

Winner Car Raffle:  L. Biggan

Winner 50/50: D. Strong

An error was made with the configuration of the 50/50 draw so the intended 50/50 Draw held on July 6, 2021 was drawn out of the wrong ticket pool, which inaccurately presented as a 50/50 draw.  This caused a name to be drawn of someone who had not purchased a 50/50 ticket.  Kamloops Hospice Association, BC Gaming and Enforcement Branch and the BC Certified Gaming Service Provider have worked together to quickly move forward, with a 50/50 draw from the correct pool of ticket purchases. 

 This means everyone who purchased a 50/50 ticket had a chance to win.  Thank you for participating and supporting Hospice and congratulations to the winners!


All funds raised will support end of life compassionate care in Kamloops and surrounding Communities.


Chances are 1 in 12,800 (total tickets for sale) to win the Chevy Bolt ….. Gaming Lic # 128335

Chances are 1 in 16,000 (total tickets for sale) to win the 50/50 …. Gaming Lic #128336

Know your Limit, Play within it


Bucket List Raffle – Live Your Best Life

Visit www.hospicebucketlist.com for details.

Prize Winners will be posted on the above website after 12 Noon Thursday February 25th, 2021

Thank you for participating and supporting Hospice!