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Hospice House: Volunteers, staff make hospice a home

Hospice House: Volunteers, staff make hospice a home

Jessica Wallace / Kamloops This Week

APRIL 27, 2018 10:44 AM

Hospice association employs about 40 full-time staffers and receives help from approximately 120 volunteers

Hospice House – Caring for the Dying Since 2004

Hospice House: Caring for the dying since 2004

Jessica Wallace / Kamloops This Week

APRIL 25, 2018 08:25 AM

From a bare lot in Sahali to a home that houses the dying, the Marjorie Willoughby Memorial Hospice Home has become a centre for compassion. This series traces the history of the Kamloops Hospice Association while visiting with staff, volunteers and a woman with terminal cancer

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‘Wings Above Kamloops:’ Cooper family giving back

‘Wings Above Kamloops:’ Cooper family giving back

By Vanessa Ybarra

CFJC Today/Updated: September 7, 2017 – 10:39pm

KAMLOOPS — It’s a place that’s close to the Cooper family’s heart.

On Thursday, the family that started the Cooper grocery store chain announced that funding from the first project of the Cooper Family Foundation will go towards expanding the Kamloops Marjorie Willoughby Hospice Home.

A new addition will be added to the facility, helping to make a difficult time easier for hundreds of families who use the centre each year. It’s a day that for Tod Cooper has been a long time coming.


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Celebrate a Life Campaign Raises Money for Hospice Equipment

Celebrate A Life campaign raises money for Hospice equipment

By Jill Sperling

December 2, 2016 – 5:05pm

KAMLOOPS — As people in Kamloops get into the holiday spirit shoppers are encouraged to “Celebrate A Life” on their way through Northills Mall.

The annual event raises money for the Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Hospice Home. People are encouraged to donate what they can, then honour loved ones they’ve lost by decorating a memory tree.


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Hospice in Kamloops making end of life comfortable

By Tanya Cronin

May 5, 2016 – 5:43pm

KAMLOOPS — It’s a place that provides physical, mental, and emotional support. Hospice is a comfortable setting for those in the last stages of life.

Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Memorial Hospice in Kamloops helps terminally ill patients live until they die, and focuses a big part of their efforts supporting families, who often times take on the added burden of being their loved one’s caregiver.



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