The Kamloops Hospice Association is grateful for the ongoing support of the community through donations and fundraising efforts. Although we receive partial funding from Interior Health, we would not be able to offer the services available or fully operate the Hospice Home without the generous support of our donors.

There are many ways to provide financial contributions to hospice, including:

Memorial Gifts

“In Memorium” gifts honor the memory of someone special in lieu of funeral flowers. Some donors make an annual contribution as a long term commemoration of their loved one. A tax receipt and acknowledgement is issued to the donor and the family of the one being honored is notified of the gift.

General Gifts

Many choose Kamloops Hospice Association as their ‘charity of choice’, often because some they know has benefited from our services. Donations can be made on line, in person, via mail or by phone.

Gifts in Kind

In place of a cash donation, some people choose to contribute tangible items and/or services that will benefit hospice; some examples include replacing appliances, TV’s,  garden plants or professional services.  To view our current Wishlist, click here.

Planned Giving

There are many options to consider for planned giving and can come in the form of Wills and Bequests, Life Insurance, RRSP’s and property. We can recommend a financial advisor who would be happy to discuss which options are right for you.

Gifts from Community Organizations/Businesses

Kamloops Hospice has appreciated being the recipient of fundraising activities of local business and organizations including a car raffle, a motorbike raffle, golf tournaments and Service Club donations.

Fundraising Projects

Kamloops Hospice Association coordinates fundraising events such as Evening To Remember Dinner (April); Hot Night in the City (August), Celebrate-A-Life (December) along with numerous raffles throughout the year.

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