Our Philosophy

  • Dying and grieving are a natural outcome to life
  • The individual and family are the unit of care (‘Family’ is understood to include significant others)
  • The Association supports the individual and family to know and discuss in whatever terms they wish, the extent of
  • the disease and its implications
  • The Association supports the individual and family to be involved, according to ability, in the planning and choice of care
  • The Association supports all persons facing death and bereavement to receive consistent physical, emotional and spiritual support
  • The Association supports those providing care for the dying and bereaved to receive planned emotional and spiritual support.
  • Effective care must be coordinated and consistent, reflecting a common philosophy
  • It is essential that hospice caregivers have a commitment to professional and personal growth


In answer to the cry of the spirit
Hospice says we will be here
We will be here with you in your living
And in your dying
We will free you from pain
And give you the freedom to find your own
In your life – your way  

We will comfort you and those you love
Not always with words
Often with a touch or a glance
We will bring you hope
Not for tomorrow, but for this day
We will not leave you
We will be here

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